HOJO  =  Supplementary/additional

UNDO  = Educative

The “Hojo Undo” are exercises in the manipulation of traditional instruments, aimed at developing sensations, power and muscle and joint strengthening.


Traditioneel instrument, gebruikt om onderarmen en polsen te verstevigen. Soort halter waarbij het gewicht in één massa op het uiteinde zit (tussen 3 en 15 kg).


Instrument used for the musculation of the fingers and the forearms. It is a jar filled with rice or sand, which is carried by closing the fingers on the edge.

From the front or in profile in relation to this post, the practitioner strikes the doormat with different techniques of fist, open hand, elbow, knee and foot in order to accustom these natural weapons to the violence of repeated shocks while exercising correct stances and postures to allow effective transfer of energy into the strikes. (concept of kime)

This regular work develops calluses and roughness on the hands. The main thing, however, is the forging of the whole body through his strikes.


Large metal ring, oval in shape and stretched about 1.60 meters and weighing 20 to 60 kg, used in traditional schools. The dimensions of this ring are close to those of the human body.

This instrument aims to facilitate the manipulation of a body.


Stone in the shape of a padlock whose weight varies from 5 to 10 kg. Used in pairs, they are used to work on hand techniques and are used to develop the shoulders.

Placed on the foot, the sashi helps to reinforce leg techniques.

This is only a small part of the instruments traditionally used in karate to strengthen not only the body of the practitioner but also his mind.